John Asmedo Manase was first presented to our Endocrinology clinic on 19th December 2014 for evaluation for short stature while on a follow up on the same at a national hospital. John was born normally and his early childhood was eventful until the age of 7 when his mother noted that he was not growing as tall as his peers. She however did not think much of it. He remained short until one year ago when his mother sought medical help due to what was his disturbing constipation and poor feeding. He also had progressively become inactive and deteriorated in his school performance.

His mother also reported delay in secondary teeth eruption and recurrent dental carries. Evaluation at a local hospital revealed normal gut findings and X-rays among other medical tests.

Initial physical evaluation at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital found a dull looking boy who was short and had a noticeable fat accumulation around the waist. he was also lagging behind in the eruption of permanent teeth compared with what was expected for his age. 

After a series of these and other tests done to John, it was confirmed that the 14 year old suffered from growth Hormone deficiency. The doctors recommended that John starts growth hormone therapy. The estimated cost of this treatment was approximately Kshs 150,000/= per month which translates to Kshs 1.8 million per year. He required at least 3- 4 years of treatment to improve on his height before allowing him to go into puberty.

Gertrude’s Hospital Foundation intervened in the case given that John’s mother could not afford such an amount of money for the treatment of their young son. His father suffered a grisly accident in 1992 and since then life has never been the same. 

After a series of medical check-ups and treatment John’s health has improved tremendously. His mother, relatives and friends have been amazed by the change evident in John’s life. He now plays football with the rest of the children something that he could not do due to his condition. His school performance which was deteriorating is now slowly improving. 

All his mother could happily say is that, “Gertrude’s was my saviour in a time I almost gave up in search for help for my sick child. I had no money, but Gertrude's agreed to treat my son and he can now go out and plays like any other child.”