In keeping with our slogan "Quality Healthcare for Children", Gertrude's is now ISO certified. The ISO 9001:2000 standardization certificate was presented to the hospital by SGS Kenya Limited on 31st October 2008. 


Mr Phillip Abwuor of SGSpresented the certificate to Mr. Gordon Odundo, Chief Executive Officer of Gertrude's at a brief ceremony that was attended by Dr. Stephen Muhudhia, Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board among other dignitaries. Dr. Muhudhia who was the Chief guest gave a keynote address congratulating Gertrude's on achieving the ISO, and the publication of a customer promise which will only be achieved through teamwork. In his speech at the function, Mr. Odundo said that the hospital has embraced many techniques and concepts for the improvement of quality over the years. He noted that in a service industry, variability is a great challenge and therefore the decision to adopt ISO 9001:2000 was an important first step. 


"Implementation of ISO 9000 requires standardization of our inpatient and outpatient services." he said, adding that "Gertrude's hopes to apply modern quality techniques which result in customer satisfaction with staff members being committed that all our processes, costs, service times will improve and not decline." 


The CEO recognized the efforts that have been made by the ISO team led by Ibrahim Makwattah, including EmilyNguu, Renson Mukhwana, Mohamed Matoye, Robert Nyarango, Samuel Waweru, Shila Patel and others who were behind the effort to achieve our certification. He also paid tribute to the members of staff who volunteered to be change agents in the hospital and its clinics. 


The quality challenge at Gertrude's is unique in that not only does the hospital take care of sick children, but it also has given their parents the peace of mind that their children will receive healing and that, next to God, they are in the best hands. Said Mr.Odundo: "At Gertrude's, the parents should experience more than just a hospital and, as we attend to children, ours is a story about adventure, smile, focus, plot, reason for living, and passion."


The launch of our ISOcertification is the base from which Gertrude's will become an environment where patients are truly cared for, where doctors want to practice medicine and where employees want to come to work. 


FiRe Award, 2008 - 2010: 


A first time participant last year, Gertrude's was delighted to find itself first runner up in the FiRe (Financial Reporting) Awards .. This year joy knew no bounds when they came first. This distinction is awarded for excellence in financial reporting and corporate citizenship contained in a company's annual report and accounts. 


Gertrude's, because of the monies it receives from so many donors, believes in the absolute necessity of transparency between itself and the partners with whom the hospital works. 


In orderto achieve this, it is of prime importance to provide full and accurate documentation which will explain at a glance how the hospital is run, who governs it, and what is its financial status, since it is only natoral that donors wish to know not only where funds are- most needed, but almost more important, how endowments are spent. 


Without playing an accountable and responsible role in its financial records, Gertrude's would be unable to justify any future requests for funding. 


Nationwide Best Theatre Nurse 


Sister Leah Asaami was chosen in 2007 as the country's best theatre nurse. Sr. Leah exemplified courage by entering for the award, and the devotion to duty by breaking her own leave period to prepare her report on correct theatre practice and to attend the necessary interviews. Through her own personal determination she brought honour both to herself and to Gertrude's.